KU RETREATS IBIZA - Activate KU in your live  

KU RETREATS IBIZA Activate KU in your life
Activate KU in your life

KU, meaning írestorationí, is the 18th hexagram of I-Ching,
the ancient Chinese oracle based on the idea that
everything is always changing and that nothing stays the same.

KU RETREATS IBIZA, is a unique retreat center on Ibiza, to improve health, transform life and express human potential, run by experienced Founder, KU massage Co-Creator & Therapist Dominika Mayer and Founder, Ku Massage Co-Creator, Therapist, Teacher Miguel Silva and Co-Founder, Macrobiotic Counsellor, Chef Eloisa Glel.
The week retreats are aiming to activate KU in your life, through a week of holistic therapies where Western physiotherapy, osteopathy and manual therapy techniques are combined with Oriental diagnosis, Macrobiotics, Chinese Medicine and Zen Buddhism.
These retreats provide perfect conditions to relax, reconnect and eliminate problems from the past, by helping you to identify patterns and conditioning that restrict your full potential to achieve your lifeís goals.

Old problems will cause stagnation in the present and future.
KU appears when progress is being obstructed in some way, often caused by past, non-assessed obstacles or problems and indicating the need to examine and truthfully deal with these issues in order to stop destructive cycles, bad habits and/or phobias.
Consider KU a powerful life statement, cutting old patterns and repetitive destructive cycles in order to help you examine and uncover your past issues, and deal with them, preparatory to opening and expanding your full potential.

KU RETREATS IBIZA offer you an comprehensive assessment of your condition with immediate action and results, by integrative practical approach for a positive impact on your condition and to become inspired to experience a live changing retreat week of Ku care and therapy. It is the time to activate KU into your life, gain self-knowledge, insights into life and the Nature of the Universe.
The mystical island of Ibiza, with its strong transformative powers, boats impressive natural beauty providing just the perfect environment to connect to the natural world and experience your origin, inner strength and true aim of life, by taking action for your own life and that of the World.

KU RETREATS IBIZA 2015 are planned for May, June, July, August, September, October and November and take place in a charming villa on the beautiful northeast side of the island.

KU RETREATS IBIZA 2015 Activate KU in your life

Activate KU in your life

from Friday 8 May to Thursday 14 May 2015
from Saturday 16 May - Friday 22 May 2015
from Sunday 24 May - Saturday 30 May 2015
from Monday 8 June - Sunday 14 June 2015
from Tuesday 16 June - Monday 22 June 2015
from Wednesday 24 June - Tuesday 30 June 2015
from Wednesday 8 July - Tuesday 14 July 2015
from Thursday 16 July - Wednesday 22 July 2015
from Sunday 24 July - Saturday 30 July 2015
from Saturday 1 August - Friday 7 August 2015
from Sunday 9 August - Saturday 15 August 2015
from Monday 17 August - Sunday 23 August 2015
from Tuesday 25 August - Monday 31 August 2015
from Tuesday 8 September - Monday 14 September 2015
from Wednesday 16 September - Tuesday 22 September 2015
from Thursday 24 September - Wednesday 30 September 2015
from Friday 9 October - Thursday 15 October 2015
from Saturday 17 October - Friday 23 October 2015
from Sunday 25 October - Saturday 31 October 2015
from Monday 2 November - Sunday 8 November 2015

KU RETREATS IBIZA are with full board macrobiotic gastronomy in order to detoxify your body, cleanse your internal organs and alkalize your blood and include accommodation, meals, scheduled classes and use of facilities.

An expert team in nutrition, personal training and natural therapies will assess your health conditions and specific goals during a personal Oriental Diagnosis consultation upon arrival.

Retreat accommodation: charming villa in the beautiful northern part of the island.
* Single occupation Double Rooms only possible with a 50% supplement fee.

May June July August September October November
Double Bedroom
ensuite bathroom
1100 1150 1200 1250 1200 1150 1100
Double Bedroom
shared bathroom
1050 1100 1150 1200 1150 1100 1050
KU RETREATS IBIZA daily schedule
Activate KU in your life

KU RETREATS IBIZA daily schedule

To increase vitality and boost your immune system you will enjoy daily:

7.30 hrs
Meditation - Daily Meditation through different breathing & visualization techniques
8.00 hrs Hatha Yoga
9.30 hrs Breakfast
12.00 hrs Cooking class (1 per retreat)
14.00 hrs Lunch
18.00 hrs Theory class (2 per retreat)
19.00 hrs QiGong
19.30 hrs Hatha Yoga
20.30 hrs Dinner
During the retreat you will receive:

- KU massage introduction session
1 healthy cooking class based on Macrobiotics and practical tips on how to prepare your own meals
- 2 theory classes on Macrobiotics, Chinese Medicine & healthy living

Onsite the swimming pool is at your disposal.
You will enjoy Ibizaís beautiful countryside during a wonderful hike to one of the islandís amazing little gemís, with a guide that will tell you about the history of the place and some old pirate stories, he will show you caves, secular ruins and towers, Ibizaís herbs and medicinal plants, and have a taste of some of the local fruits, such as almonds, carobs, figs and oranges.

Various extra wellness activities and holistic healing therapies incl. Nature Walks and Kayaking tours, can be booked at extra costs.
Your retreat week is finalized with a Personalized Post Treatment Health Plan.

Oriental Diagnosis consultation

An Oriental Diagnosis consultation is based on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, identifying eventual imbalances and their corresponding affected emotions and causes; by reading face forms, lines and shapes, colors and shines, appearance and revealing the present condition of your internal organs and genetic patterns of behavior and/or ancestral tendencies that affect your health.

KU Massage therapy

KU Massage therapy was developed by highly experienced holistic massage therapists Dominika Mayer and Miguel Silva.
Their signature KU Massage sessions are focused on the most affected organs and corresponding meridians (body energy channels also used in acupuncture) by using techniques from Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Tuina (Chinese Physiotherapy) and Manual Therapy.
At the end of each KU Massage session you will be given Diet advice based on Macrobiotics and Exercise recommendations from Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine.

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Activate KU in your life
to improve health, transform life &
express human potential

all retreat info & bookings:
between 8 May
and 8 November 2015